sugar-coating is for candy, not the Gospel.

i am so over the feel-good fluff that has crept its way into books, blogs, and pinterest boards; the self-help, do what feels right, i'm okay, you're okay, we're all okay mentality. newsflash: we are all sinners and we are broken and we are not  okay. evil lurks around every corner, waiting to devour our hearts and minds. we live in a society that celebrates sin and worships itself, yet we continue to ignore it and seek the pleasures that make us feel good about ourselves.

we need to stop pinning quotes to live by and open our bibles to seek the One who died to give us abundant and eternal life.
we need to stop feeding our minds with sugar-coated morsels of feel-good words, and get back to the truth of the Gospel.
we need to get back to Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life. the ONLY way. the ONLY truth. the ONLY life.

i love this quote by charles spurgeon:
"avoid a sugar-coated gospel. seek the gospel that rips up, wounds and even kills, for that's the gospel that makes alive again."

i want truth. the kind of truth that kicks me right in the shins and brings me to my knees in repentance.
conviction brought forth from truth. the Truth.

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